Welcome to Loong Sails

LOONG SAILS is a world class sail maker that uses state-of-the art design and production equipment to build yacht sails of the highest quality.

Depending on your application, you can choose from a variety of construction types and materials. Loong Sails offers Dacron, Nylon, Mylar, Aramid, Technora and Carbon Laminates as well as Strung membrane load path sails. We make our crosscut, bi-radial, tri-radial, and molded sails using materials from the finest European and American makers of sailcloth and hardware. 

Loong Sails was founded by a professional sail maker in 1991.

Loong Sails has state-of-the art design software and production equipment.

Loong Sails uses only top quality sail cloth and hardware from Challenge, Contender, DP, and Bainbridge.

Loong Sails offers the best prices anywhere in the world with no compromise on quality.

Loong Sails won’t make you wait – production usually takes less than a month (excluding molded string sails).