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In these tough economic times many businesses are constrained by the limited financial security and flexibility of their suppliers.


Partnering with Loong Sails is free from all such problems. We are not commercially reliant on financial institutions, and being self-funded means we have the flexibility to support our trading partners as they grow their businesses in the long-term.

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Loong Sails(China) Ltd. was founded in 1991. Our factory (actually, factories, as we are just now opening a second production facility) is located in Shenzhen City, a well known center of international business and manufacturing in Guangdong Province. We opened a sales office in London, UK, in 1998. We have since added offices in France, Russia, Chile, and most recently, in the US. 


"Loong Sails China" is the group production center, where we design, manufacture, and market our sailing products and services. Here we employ over 200 dedicated and professional people.

All of us at Loong Sails are guided by one goal, which is to give the highest possible satisfaction to the sailors who rely on our wide range of products. Whether you are a day sailor, weekend cruiser, or ocean racer, whether you race cats or maxis, whether you want to circumnavigate the globe or that beckoning island in that mountain lake, we have what you need: the best sails you will find anywhere, and at prices that won't break your budget for all those other necessities….

OEM Work

And we don't just sell to private individuals. A big part of our business is making OEM products. Loong Sails has built a reputation for high quality and durable sails. Our quality, highly competitive pricing, tailored services, and desire to always exceeds our users' expectations has enabled us to create many long-term partnerships, based on close co-operation, with other manufacturers. 

We are on the forefront of sail technology, design and production. If you are looking to cooperate with a rapidly growing, innovative, customer-focused sail factory, Loong Sails is your best choice.